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Are You a Nonprofit?

The Citizenshipworks Partner Network is made up of hundreds of nonprofit organizations that provide immigration legal services and have licensed attorneys or BIA Accredited Representatives on staff.

We connect applicants with Partners through our interactive online application. Or applicants look in our directory for help in their area.

If your organization would like to become a Partner, or if you would like your organization listed in the directory, contact us.


Our Partners

No matter where you are in the application process, our Partners can give you in-person help with your application and answer any questions you may have.

If there are no Partners near you, we can refer you to a legal immigration expert near you.

Citizenshipworks is a collaboration between Immigration Advocates Network and Pro Bono Net. Our mission is to increase access to the immigration system for everyone through user-friendly technology that connects users to this national network of nonprofit immigration service providers.

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Project Partners

Immigration Advocate Network
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