Step 1
Answer simple questions using our free online service

It should be easy to apply for citizenship. Our interview makes the complicated citizenship form simple. We guide you through the application from start to finish and let you know if you might need help from an immigration expert. No more confusing paperwork.

Step 2
Access free legal help with your application

We work with lawyers from over 200 trusted non-profit organizations. They can help you with the citizenship process if there is a problem with your application. We connect you to free, live, online legal help or a partner organization near you.

Step 3
Mail your application when you are ready and prepare for your citizenship interview

We tell you everything you need to apply for citizenship. Use our interview to fill out the form. Use our checklist to organize your application. When you are ready, mail it all to the USCIS (government).

Don't take it from us. Hear what our partners have to say.

“100% recommended. A free and easy service. The citizenship application can be tedious, complicated and expensive, but with Citizenshipworks, I was able to make my request in less than two days.“

Orlando, FL

“Excellent resource for filing for citizenship on your own with step by step guidance put forth in an easy non-overwhelming way! Highly recommended! Thank you to Citizenshipworks, a service to humanity.”

Austin, TX

"They are great with all those who come to ask for help. Very cooperative and dedicated. They do an immense job helping the community.”

Miami, FL

Become a U.S. Citizen
Free, Safe, and Simple.

Our Differences

USCIS Website

Peace-of-mind Legal Review
If there are issues with your application, we can help. We connect you to an immigration expert for free legal review.
No Legal or Expert Assistance

Simplified Questions
The government form is hard to understand. We use plain language and explain the questions.
No Help or Clarification for Confusing Questions

Not Affiliated with the Government
We are a nonprofit project. Our mission is to make it safe to apply for citizenship. We let you know if there is a problem with your application before you send it to the government.
A Government Website

Free and Easy to Use
We will never ask you for payment. You only pay the government filing fees when you are ready to mail in your application.
Free to Use