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How much does it cost to apply for citizenship?

Pat Malone • October 01, 2020

USCIS (the government) charges a fee to apply for citizenship. 

For most people, the fee is $725. 

The $725 fee includes:

  • $640 for the application, and
  • $85 for fingerprinting (biometrics).

Exception: If you are 75 or older, you only pay $640.

What if I can't afford the fee? 

You may ask USCIS for a full or reduced fee waiver. If USCIS approves your:

Use this Fee Calculator from the New Americans Campaign to see if you qualify for a full or reduced fee waiver. The full fee waiver is for people whose income is less than 150% of the poverty level. The reduced fee waiver is for people whose income is between 150% and 200% of the poverty level.  The Fee Calculator tells you which form to use. 

Note: The government is trying to increase the fee to $1,170 and end the fee waivers.  A federal court order stopped the changes for now. The case continues in court, and we do not know what will happen. Apply for citizenship now, to avoid the risk of higher fees in the future.


You can pay the citizenship application fee by:

  • check,
  • money order, or
  • credit card.


(Updated: October 1, 2020)

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