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How can I study for the citizenship test?

Pat Malone • July 19, 2020

Practice your English and review the USCIS lists of civics questions, reading words, and writing words. Use the free Citizenshipworks mobile app to help you study. Go to "Study Tools" for interactive flashcards and practice questions.

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Note: If you are older than 50, check the test calculator on the mobile app. Some people who have had their green cards for a long time can take the test in their own language or take an easier test. Go to "eligibility requirements." Click on "language requirements," then enter your birth date and the date you got your green card. 

What if I don't pass the test?

If you don’t pass the first time, you can take the test again. USCIS will give you another interview.

If you do not pass the second time, USCIS will deny your application. You will have to start over and fill out a new application.

What if I have a disability that makes it hard to take the test?

USCIS must make "reasonable accommodations" to interview and test a person with disabilities.  Examples: sign language interpreter, more time to take the test, off-site testing.  To request an accommodation for an interview, use this online USCIS form.

People with some medical conditions may not have to take the test. A doctor must fill out a special form (Form N-648). 

Need more help?

Find English or civics classes near you at the National Literacy Directory.

Find more resources and tips at the USCIS Citizenship Resource Center.

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