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Where can I fill out the citizenship application online?

Pat Malone • October 30, 2020

To fill out a citizenship application online, you have three options:
• the U.S. government website
• for-profit companies
• nonprofit organizations

The USCIS (government) website is convenient because you don't have to print and mail your application. You can send it directly, through the USCIS online filing system. This works well if you are 100% sure you understand citizenship and immigration law, and your application has no risks. A legal expert can help you identify any risks. To fill out the citizenship application on the USCIS website, get started at: https://www.uscis.gov/file-online/tips-for-filing-forms-online

Private, for-profit companies have online interviews to help you fill in the citizenship application. They make a profit by getting a lot of customers and charging for their service, and/or getting money for legal referrals or services. To fill out the citizenship application with a for-profit company website, search online and compare the costs and services. Learn how to be a good consumer at https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0141-scams-against-immigrants.

Nonprofit organizations provide online or other citizenship application assistance for people who can't afford a private lawyer or a for-profit service. Nonprofits have a mission to help more people become citizens. They have a mission to help you:
• understand the law, your rights, and options
• identify the risks and apply safely.
To fill out the application online with a nonprofit organization, go to Citizenshipworks.

What happens when I fill out the citizenship application online?

If you use Citizenshipworks, you answer questions in an online interview. It starts with a pre-screening, to find out if you meet the basic citizenship requirements. If you meet the basic requirements, you can open a free Citizenshipworks account. The account keeps your information private, and saves your progress.

Your interview answers fill out the citizenship application form (N-400). The questions are about you, your immigration history, your family, your employment and travel history, and more. The questions appear on the screen, and you click on an answer, or type one in. When you hit the "continue" button, you go to the next screen (and next question). When you hit the "back" button, you go to the previous screen. You can change your answers, and you can skip questions to answer later. Citizenshipworks explains the questions and the law. It will let you know if you might have a problem with your eligibility or you need legal help.

Our mission is to make applying for citizenship easy and safe. It does not cost money to use Citizenshipworks. You can take the Citizenshipworks interview in English, Spanish or Chinese. (It will fill the form in English!) We connect you to our nonprofit partners, for free legal help if you need it. To find out what the online interview is like, try the pre-screening. It's free and easy.

When you finish the Citizenshipworks interview, you can print and send your application, fees, and other documents to the USCIS.

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