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How do I get help to fill out the citizenship application?

Pat Malone • July 01, 2020

How Citizenshipworks helps.

Citizenshipworks helps you fill out the citizenship application the right way. It is a free guide designed by legal experts. Citizenshipworks explains the questions and the law in simple language. Your answers to the Citizenshipworks questions fill out the citizenship application form. 

At the end of the interview, check your answers and print your application form to mail to USCIS.

You can start your citizenship application today on Citizenshipworks. You do not have to wait for an appointment, or meet anyone in- person. Click here to get started.

How to get legal help. 

We can connect you to the help you need. We work with partners who are immigration legal experts. They are nonprofit lawyers and DOJ accredited representatives who provide free and low-cost legal services. Our partners can answer your legal questions or review your application on Citizenshipworks. 

Here are the steps to get legal help on Citizenshipworks:

  1. Start your free account.
  2. Answer as many questions as you can. This includes all your addresses, jobs, and trips.  Try to answer everything about yourself, before you get legal help. 
  3. Skip to different parts of the interview if you get stuck on a question. 
  4. Contact our Citizenshipworks support team if the interview tells you to get legal help or it's too hard to finish. Use the Citizenshipworks “Help” button or email support@citizenshipworks.org.
  5. We ask your permission before we share your application and contact information with a nonprofit legal expert.  They will email you to contact them directly with additional instructions.
  6. Meet with your Citizenshipworks legal expert online or by phone, to answer your questions and finish your application.

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